Through technology it is possible to feed 9 billion people by 2050.

We use fish to grow plants in a controlled environment. Our recirculating systems can be built anywhere and focus on Agribusiness, Agrihoods, and Agritourism.

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    This is a combination of fish and plants in a safe grow operation and can change the landscape of hunger in the world. Our facilities make fertilizer using a proprietary design to optimize the fish effluent that fish NATURALLY produce without use of chemicals.

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    The process of growing plants in a nutrient rich mist.

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    The process of growing plants without soil in a nutrient and mineral rich environment. Utilizing SMART AG technology you can grow products – just in time. Reducing waste further… a win for everyone.

Design + Build
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    N. Hill said, “Plan your work and work your plan.” Let us help you design your site plan to ensure food safety, space optimization and efficient staffing for maximized growth.

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    A controlled environment agricultural  (CEA) facility requires advanced expertise and orchestration of biological engineering, agricultural science, environmental controls, fisheries management, food defense plans, and an understanding of a successful business model that pulls together all these pieces. Design your facility with food safety and the highest quality  product in mind. You will work with our trusted and experienced design/build team as we help you achieve your company’s goal for the growing future. You can leverage our experience in developing and operating facilities that will maintain Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certifications. Documenting from Seed to Harvest protects the consumer and the farming family (farmer/investor).

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    Incorporating international standards for food safety and structural integrity, our construction projects leverage our experience, proprietary designs, project management, and state of the art materials. We proudly bring the industry experts to each project.  Our team has unparalleled experience in the requirements, hazards, pitfalls, and nuances of building and maintaining a successful CEA facility.

Food Safety
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    Food Defense

    The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) changed the way we conduct business. It demonstrates that science is the proof you need. Standard operating procedures, traceability and science are some of the most crucial factors in a good food defense. We can assist in developing your written plan for the one step forward (to your immediate customers) and backwards (to your suppliers) accountability.  Suppliers MUST appropriately show traceability at receipt, during processing, storage, and sale of the proper handling and care of your product.

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    Standard Operating Procedures

    Standard Operating Procedures guide your employees in their regular activities. If the activity is critical to quality or safety it should be recorded in your company’s standard operating procedures. (SOPs). We can provide guidance and even create your SOP manual to ensure your operations meet all the safety and food defense requirements as well as ensure you are operating at an optimal level.

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    Traceability is one of the most important parts of your food defense. It is critical for the grower to know where the product is at all times within the grow and delivery cycles.  In addition, the grower must document the product life cycle. Knowing what to inspect, track, and document is key.  Our team will help you implement these procedures and systems.

Types of Plants & Fish

Swiss Chard
Salad Greens
Kales & Collards
Hybrid Striped Bass
We are creating a consumer behavior change, where families can see and take part in the growth of their food that is built to deliver the highest quality products, in a safe and sustainable way.
Angela TenBroeck

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